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Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China 2022/23 – New Publication from China Briefing


This guide covers the major taxes and tax-relevant obligations that foreign investors are likely to encounter when establishing or operating a business in China.

China Tax Authority Clarified Stamp Tax on Specific Contracts


To support the implementation of Stamp Tax Law, the Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration issued the following announcements at the end of June 2022, including: Announcement on the Policy Implementation Standards for Several Matters Relating to Stamp Tax (Announcement [2022] No. 22 of the Ministry of Finance and the State Taxation Administration, hereinafter […]

Hainan Free Trade Port’s New Preferential Tax Policies: How do They Apply (updated)


Hainan Free Trade Port’s incentives include lower corporate and income tax rates for qualified entities between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2024.

Eldercare and Childcare in China: New Supportive Measures


We discuss policy measures for the eldercare and childcare industries in China to ease economic hardships for socially important businesses.

China’s Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements with Countries in the Middle East


We look at the China-Middle East tax, investment, and trade agreements that help foster collaboration and business activity.

Tax Liabilities for Equity Transfer in China: An Introduction


We provide a general introduction of the tax liabilities of individual shareholders and corporate shareholders in equity transfer in China.

Hong Kong’s Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements with Countries in the Middle East 


Hong Kong is deepening cooperation with Middle Eastern countries through tax, trade, and investment treaties. Here’s what investors need to know.

China’s Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax: Key Points


The new regulations on China’s urban maintenance and construction tax clarify the calculation basis and offer an official, consolidated tax framework.

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