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Our weekly round up of other news affecting foreign investors throughout Asia.


India’s Land Acquisition Law – What Investors Need to Know

and acquisition is a major bottleneck for companies looking to invest in India.

The difficulty of acquiring land in a reasonable period of time has tended to discourage investments in manufacturing and the development of industrial corridors and transport infrastructure in India, where land is a critical factor. The country’s multiple land laws are not well defined and have often ended up causing legal disputes and delays.


How Russian Businesses Can Sell Online to Chinese Consumers

In China, companies seeking to engage in the online retail industry are required to first set up a company and a physical store.

For investors not yet fully prepared for setting up a company in China, global sites launched by China’s local e-commerce platforms might be the best choice to sell to China’s lucrative market.


China’s Belt and Road Initiative and South America

China’s push into South America has not been quite as dynamic as its push into Africa, although it is gathering steam.

As we have already noted in our Belt and Road articles on the Caribbean and Central America, part of the Belt and Road drive in the region has been to convert nations which recognize Taiwan as opposed to China. That is less of an issue in South America, nonetheless China’s Belt & Road Initiative push has been less dynamic here than elsewhere.


New Minimum Basic Salary, Social Insurance Rates in Vietnam

Vietnam will introduce new regulations on the minimum basic salary for social insurance. The government’s Decree 38/2019/ND-CP on minimum basic salary will take effect from July 1, 2019.

As per the new law, the minimum basic salary cap for social insurance will be raised to US$1,295 (29,800,000 VND) from the current US$1,208 (27,800,000 VND) per month.

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