Chinese-Made London Black Cabs To Be Sold In the United States

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new-imageJan. 7 – Geely, the Hangzhou-based Chinese auto manufacturer, will soon sell its London Black Taxi in the United States although no formal launch date has been set.

The Geely manufacturing unit that produces the taxis is a joint-venture with Britain’s Manganese Bronze Holdings and is based in Shanghai. The vehicle is an iconic fixture of London traffic, and is renowned for its extensive passenger leg room, ability to accommodate luggage, and its small wheel base that allows it to maneuver in confined spaces.

Geely has been producing the vehicle since last month and has already sparked intense interest in the Chinese taxi vehicle market. Geely executive director Lawrence Ang said in a statement that the global slowdown and decline in auto sales presented opportunities for the company, more so in the United States.

Ang said: “The sliding global vehicle market will benefit us as it means less competition. After American consumers become familiar with the Geely brand through this vehicle, we’ll begin introducing other Geely automobiles to the United States.”

Geely was the first independent auto manufacturer in China. The move to sell in the United States was seen as a surprising move because both vehicle sales in China and in the United States have dropped.

China vehicle sales plunged by 14.6 percent last year while the U.S. market contracted by 33 percent during the same period.

7 responses to “Chinese-Made London Black Cabs To Be Sold In the United States”

  1. Jerry Rodrigues says:

    1-9-2009 China Time

    This is quite interesting, especially this I am an American living in China. I consider this as not only an asset to China & the United States for economical transportation, but also for Americans to learn more about China other than the inexpensive items they purchase in the 99 cents stores as well as other items ‘Made in China.”

    If the quality is good, then people will give more consideration to buying Chinese goods.

    Hopefully the Public Relations from Geely will also include helping Americans to know more about China & the Chinese people whom I have found to be Good People, Loving Family People, the same as American Families & most Families in the world, wanting a decent life & education for their children.

    The 2008 Olympics opened up the eyes of the world into China & its people… NOW is a very good time to spread some Peace & Love around the world in Good Spirit.

    Most Sincerely,
    Jerry Rodrigues.. An American Living in China

  2. Jerry Rodrigues says:

    The Chinese “Black Cab,” is an excellent innovation towards entering the vehicle market in China. It also affords the Geely company to use this also as a way for the betterment of Public Relations between Americans & the Chinese People, especially after the 2008 Olympics which helped to open the eyes of the world to the Chinese people & their advances since their introduction of Trade Agreements & industrialization with America & the Western World.

    I have moved from California & married a Chinese lady & have found the Chinese Families to be the same loving, caring families as are in the USA & elsewhere in the world desiring the same decent lives for their families that we of the west enjoy.

    Jerry Rodrigues.. An American living in China

  3. It is indeed an interesting and challenging strategy for a Chinese brand to go global.

    Lawrence Ang’s idea of utilizing the iconic cab to promote the Geely brand overseas is quite smart, though also risky. It may be a chance to portray craftsmanship and improve Geely’s quality perception outside of China – an opportunity just in line with the brands strategy – but a lot depends on how the brand owners decide to market the vehicle.

    The Chinese-made cab is also scheduled to appear in other places such as Singapore, Dubai, Moscow.

    Here’s additional information we posted in September: “吉利控股集团 – London Cabs Made in and for China – Geely going British” >>

  4. nanheyangrouchuan says:

    I can’t believe anyone is calling this a Geely “innovation”. It is a British design copied and mass produced by the same people that make melamine and lead loaded food and clothing.

    Additionally, has this car passed DOT crash safety tests? Chinese cars are chronically affected by actual, enforced safety laws in Western countries and even Russia. And there is not alot of positive China sentiment in the US to make people want to go out and buy a cheap copy of a British original.

  5. Chris Devonshire-Ellis says:

    No doubt before the vehicle is sold in the US it has to pass the stringent US safety tests and applicable standards. Geely did well to pick up this marque – it was previously part of the wreckage that was the British owned MG Rover group, whose assembly lines etc all became part of Nanjing Auto and their new “Roewe” brand.

  6. dave says:

    Yet another instance of British icon being devalued and mass produced in china. If youv’e ever bought a “made in china ” product youll know that you only get what you paid for. The product being made there uses a mitsibushi 2.4 petrol engine alongside the popular VM motori unit, my gut feeling is they’ll flood the market with cheap product, kill off the original manufacturer and go back to the norm of Buyer Beware warranty.
    A good product being well built buy a british company being sold off by paracitical management,yes i do mean you john, well done mate for sellin off the family jewels again that 3 times now isn’t it.
    Buyer Beware………….

  7. Don Thomason says:

    I cannot help but wonder, really wonder, at how well these Chinese London cabs will hold up at freeway driving patterns in the USA. Many autos that do well in England and other overseas areas quickly fall apart or break down on the American Freeway system at high sustained speeds.

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