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Why HR Should Care about VPN Use in China

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By Alexander Chipman Koty

The “Great Firewall”, the popular term for China’s Internet restrictions, blocks access to a large swathe of the internet, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other overseas news outlets and social media platforms. Internet users in mainland China can bypass the Great Firewall by using VPNs, which reroute internet activity through servers based in another location.

For many companies and individuals in China, VPNs are necessary to perform a number of basic tasks, from sending emails via a Gmail account to sharing resources through cloud platforms like Dropbox and even GitHub. For some companies, the ability to use a VPN enables them to carry out their core functions, such as desktop research and digital marketing.

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How to Transfer a Work Permit to a New Employer in China

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By Hugo Butcher Piat

For foreigners working in China, the work permit is a crucial document that must be attained prior to commencing work. The work permit is tied to your employer, which means that when changing jobs, the work permit must also be transferred to the new employer.

Transferring an existing work permit from one employer to another usually takes around 4-6 weeks, though some applications may take up to 12 weeks to complete. Because the application process can be lengthy, it is best to be prepared for what lays ahead at each stage of the process.

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Social Security in China: Exemptions for Some Foreigners

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By Gidon Gautel 

Social insurance exemption for foreigners can be a valuable asset for employers and foreign employees to save on unnecessary costs. However, many companies hiring eligible employees are not aware of the benefits available to them, while those who do are often unsure as to how to go about applying.

China’s social security system consists of five different types of insurance, plus one mandatory housing fund. The five “insurances” are pension, medical, work-related injury, unemployment, and maternity insurances, while housing fund contributions are included because the costs come from both the employer and the employee.

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The New Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card in China

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By Dorcas Wong

Last July, the Ministry of Public Security started issuing a new generation of China’s Green Card. The new ‘Foreigner’s Permanent Resident Identity Card’ (FPRID) will gradually replace the old ‘Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card’ (FPRC). While changes to the national legislation relate merely to the design and functionality of the card, cities like Shanghai and Beijing have adopted further policies that expand the eligibility criteria and shorten the overall application time.

The FPRID aims to ease the life of a foreigner in China, and is part of a series of larger reforms aimed at attracting innovative and entrepreneurial talent to China — such as a new national work permit categorization system for foreign employees.

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Marriage Leave in China

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By Alexander Chipman Koty and Qian Zhou

In China, newly wed employees are entitled to marriage leave – extra days of paid leave.

Every region in China offers employees who get married at least three days of leave. Many other regions in China offer additional marriage leave, with Gansu and Shanxi – which offer 30 days – the most generous.

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Cloud Technology in China: What Businesses Need to Know

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By Bradley Dunseith



China’s cloud technology industry is expected to grow to US$103 billion by 2020 as companies continue to digitize their business data and internal systems. The growing demand for cloud technology has led to both domestic and foreign IT companies rolling out new cloud services for Chinese consumers and businesses.

Data centres in China are not connected internationally as they are in nearly every other country. Local laws and regulations in China create both unique challenges and important considerations for businesses migrating and managing cloud technology in the country.

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Are You Ready for GDPR Day on May 25?

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Op/Ed by Michael Mudd, Managing Partner, Asia Policy Partners LLC

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is quietly working before its implementation.

Airbnb will ‘revise’ their privacy policy on May 25. One of the revisions is that US users will now deem to contract with Airbnb in California, while the rest of the world, including Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong (but not for some odd reason, mainland China), the data controller is deemed to be in Ireland, but for payments it will be the UK.

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HR and Payroll in China: Eight Quick Tips That Can Make a Difference

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By Helen Kong, Human Resources Manager

A firm understanding of China’s laws and regulations relating to human resources and payroll management is essential for foreign investors who want to establish or are already running foreign-invested entities in China.

In China, there are a wide range of government institutions involved in HR processes, and while key laws are drafted by the central government – such as the Labor Contract Law – numerous bylaws and regulations are instituted at the local level.

Nevertheless, many HR laws and principles are fairly universal across China. Here, we offer eight quick tips to handle the fundamentals of employing staff in China.

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