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China’s Best Business Websites 2018


Chris Devonshire-Ellis looks at the landscape for independent China business websites and offers his views on which are the best of 2018.

China Joins TIR Convention, Opens up Borders to International Trucking


China signed up to the TIR Convention, which paves the way for investment opportunities in trucking logistics, maintenance, and facilities across Eurasia.

Trump and China’s 0.4% Trade War Damp Squib


The mainstream media have been full of doomsday scenarios these past few weeks concerning the potential for a China-US trade war. Chris Devonshire-Ellis gives his take in this op-ed.

No Lame Duck Second Term Presidents for China


There has been much hand wringing in the Western media concerning the decision by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to abolish the two-term limit for the President and Vice-President. However, like much in Chinese politics, it could easily have been predicted. The four main issues that will have prompted the change are […]

Britain Needs to Get Serious about Business with China and the Commonwealth


Ahead of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Beijing, Chris Devonshire-Ellis explains the importance of business to business relationships between China and the UK.

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