China’s Biopharma Industry: Market Prospects, Investment Paths


We discuss the market size, growth drivers, and global competition facing China’s biopharma industry and suggest potential investment paths.

How to Start a School in Hong Kong


Starting a school in Hong Kong can be lucrative, but complex. We go through the regulations and processes for opening a school in Hong Kong.

China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch (Updated)


Chinese tech companies are hopping on the metaverse trend – but how much potential is there? Here’s what to watch in the metaverse in China.

Hong Kong’s Education Market – Trends and Opportunities


We discuss the business opportunities for international stakeholders in Hong Kong’s education market as the region aims to be a talent sourcing hub.

More Than a Hobby: Understanding the Esports Market in China


We discuss the business scope of esports in China, industry trends, emerging revenue streams, and market opportunities for foreign investors.

China’s Cybersecurity Industry: A Market Analysis


The evolution of cybersecurity presents numerous opportunities for businesses and organizations. In recent years, China has expanded its cybersecurity capabilities due to concerns about the security of its national data and the need for more personal information protection in the digital economy. In this article, we analyze the latest developments in China’s cybersecurity industry and examine the market opportunities for foreign investors.

Sustainable Fashion in China: An Emerging Trend in the Apparel Industry


Interest in sustainable fashion is beginning to take root in China, driven by young, urban, and environmentally conscious consumers.

AI in China: Regulations, Market Opportunities, Challenges for Investors


We discuss the evolution of AI in China, including market expansion and tech innovation, incentives, and challenges for foreign stakeholders.

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