China’s E-Sports Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Players


China’s e-sports market is the world’s largest and while the user base continues to grow, cities are competing to become major e-sports hubs.

China’s SaaS Market is Booming: Why Foreign Investors Should Pay Attention (Updated)


China’s software as a service (SaaS) market is among the fastest growing worldwide. We discuss market prospects for foreign businesses.

China’s Yacht Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Players (updated)


China’s yacht market appears well-positioned to become a prominent one, with the country’s 14,484km-long coastline and a new class of millionaires.

China Resumes License Approval: What’s Next for its Gaming Industry? (updated)


As China resumes issuing gaming license approval, its regulatory control has not loosened. We comment on recent developments affecting the gaming industry.

China’s Market for Perfumes and Fragrances


To achieve economic success in the high-opportunity Chinese perfume market, we discuss how firms can build distinct advantages and cater to key consumer groups.

China’s First Ever Private Pension Scheme – What You Need to Know


Beijing has announced a new private pension scheme to better serve the rapidly aging society, opening up new opportunities in the China pension market.

The Low-Code/No-Code Industry in China: Opportunities for Foreign Investors


China’s low-code/no-code market is the fastest growing worldwide and projected to reach US$1.4 billion by 2024. We discuss the appeal for investors.

China’s Robotics Industry: Current Outlook and Market Scope for Foreign Investors


China’s robotics industry requires collaboration with foreign sources of technology and expertise to achieve its high-tech innovation targets.

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