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    Conducting Cost of China Business Assessments

    By Dezan Shira & Associates June 17 – With the adjustment of China’s corporate tax base six months ago to a universal rate of 25 percent for all businesses, barring a few exceptions for encouraged industries, and the abolition of the profits tax breaks of manufacturing industries, many now mourn the passing of the “good[…..]

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    China’s PSB Issues New Registration Rules, Fines for Violations

    Visitors and expatriates must complete full police registration procedures beginning July 1 June 5 – The Public Security Bureau issued new guidelines today to hotels and apartment management companies concerning the registration of foreigners in China, set to take effect July 1. The PSB, a part of China’s domestic police force charged with policing public[…..]

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    Foreigners to be Allowed to List on Shanghai Stock Exchange

    June 2 – Chinese authorities are set to open the sluice gates of the country’s securities industry so that foreign companies can raise capital and list on the Shanghai stock exchange. They also plan to allow local companies to scout globally for raising funds and listing in foreign stock exchanges, the Times of India reported.[…..]

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    Beijing Strictly Enforcing Olympics IPR, Goodwill Gestures Seen as Violating Rules

    May 29 – Companies looking to instill the Olympic spirit in their staff ahead of and during the forthcoming Games in Beijing may want to think twice on how they carry out the campaign. The French supermarket chain Carrefour has had to remove hats embossed with the Olympic rings from employees at its Chinese branches[…..]

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    China Merges Telecoms in the Name of Competition

    May 29 – China moved on Tuesday to realign their telecom industry, hoping to promote competition in an industry that has become increasingly monopolized by China’s mobile operators. Under the plan, China’s six state-owned telecom companies will be merged into three. China Mobile, will acquire the fixed-line operator China Tietong Telecommunications Corp, while China Telecom[…..]

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    Understanding the Basics of China’s Labor Law

    By Cathy Gao SHANGHAI, May 26 – For most foreigners, the world of China business can be a high-stakes gamble. There are the issues of language and culture working against the uninitiated and the fear that gathered information may not be the most accurate. China’s labor law is a first and intends to protect employee[…..]

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    Dragon Boat Festival Approaches

    May 22 – The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday where teams of athletes compete against each other to row a specially designed boat down a river, will be celebrated on June 8. In an attempt to bolster traditional Chinese culture, the central government late last year made the day a national holiday, and[…..]

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    China unveils draft regulation on food safety

    April 23 – China has released the latest draft of its food safety laws that will mete out penalties ranging from fines to life imprisonment for those found guilty of producing substandard food. The public is being encouraged to voice their opinion on the draft law on the NPC website until May 20. In a[…..]

Showing 8 of 1637 articles