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    Will the Anti-monopoly Law assist central regional development?

    Additional M&A activity anticipated if China can banish SOE cartels By Chris Devonshire-Ellis SINGAPORE, Feb. 26 – Could China’s new anti-monopoly law, promulgated last August and coming into effect August, assist with paving the way for a resurgence of investment into China’s central and western regions? The new law also includes provisions for anti-monopoly policing,[…..]

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    Joint ventures in China as commercial investment sense

    JVs still a valid legal vehicle for use in China manufacturing By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb. 20 – Joint Ventures (JVs) were the first legal entities to be promulgated and available for foreign direct investment into China and remain the vehicle of choice for many larger investments. The reasons for entering into a JV agreement are[…..]

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    Waging an “internet war” in China

    Abuse of public forums designed to defame plaintiffs slowly being reined in Feb. 17 – In an ongoing trend in China, large numbers of legal disputes, which should be the preserve of the courts, are being aired via public forums. At China Briefing for example, we are involved with several litigation suits over the inappropriate[…..]

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    Government increases central region infrastructure spending to US$67 billion for 2008

    Policy shift targets rural areas instead of developed coast for infrastructure spending, Guangdong-based low cost manufacturers relocating Feb. 12 – The central government has topped up its investment budget for rural areas by an increased RMB100 billion (US$13.9 billion) this year, Chen Xiwen of the Central Leading Group of Rural Work announced in his New[…..]

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    Ex PBOC Governor named Head of China’s National Pension Fund

    Responsible for USD70 billion national social security  By Chris Devonshire-Ellis February 11th – Dai Xianglong, the ex Governor of the Peoples Bank of China and the current Mayor of Tianjin has just been named as the new Head of China’s national social security fund.   Mr. Dai was born in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province in October[…..]

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    China to strengthen management of cross-border capital flows

    BEIJING, Jan. 30 – China’s foreign exchange regulator said yesterday it will strengthen management of cross-border capital flows and short-term bank borrowing in 2008. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange will conduct checks on cross-border capital flows, paying particular attention to how foreign currency converted into yuan is used in China. China faces increasing pressure[…..]

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    Shanghai ROs have until Feb. 5 to apply for vehicle license plate free of charge

    SHANGHAI, Jan 24 – Shanghai’s Urban Transportation Administration Bureau has announced that any representative office established in Shanghai before January 7, 2007 has until February 5, 2007 to apply for a vehicle license plate free of charge. In the past, every representative office in Shanghai was entitled to one vehicle license plate. However, early this[…..]

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    Preparation the key to transfer pricing documentation requirements

    By Steven Carey, Douglas Fone and Dr. Jian Li HONG KONG, Jan. 22 – The Implementing Regulations that have been in effect from January 1, 2008 for the new Corporate Income Tax Law are the result of several years of deliberation by the State Administration of Taxation on transfer pricing. Tax authorities globally have been[…..]

Showing 8 of 1637 articles