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China Joint Ventures Rehabilitated? Big Business Thinks So


By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Oct. 29 – Joint ventures in China have had more than their fair share of criticism over the years. Tales of deliberately cynical Chinese partners, investors being ripped off, and disasters all around have often done the media and blog rounds. Rhetoric of this sort can be found in abundance at blogs […]

China to Help SMEs Cope with Slowdown


Oct.28 – China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security says it will implement policies to help labor-intensive enterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) weather the global financial crisis. The crisis has hit export-oriented SMEs hard and there has been a wave of factory closures and mass layoffs in the country. According to Xinhua, […]

Beijing Cuts Tax and Mortgage Rates to Boost Real Estate Market


Oct. 23 – In a statement released on its website, the Ministry of Finance, said that starting next week it would reduce taxes on real estate and lower mortgage rates in an effort to boost the slumping housing sector. The property deed tax will be cut to 1 percent from 3 to 5 percent for […]

China to Raise Tax Rebates on Selected Export Goods


Oct. 22 – China’s Ministry of Finance said tax rebates on selected export products will be raised beginning November 1; to ease pressure on businesses affected by slowing export demand. This is the second time in three months that China has increased tax rebates for the export industry. Last August 1, tax rebates were increased […]

American Capitalism, Meet Chinese Socialism. Be Nice.


By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Oct. 15 – The inevitable has happened; a day or so after the United Kingdom and Europe partially nationalized their banking systems and injected trillions of dollars of taxpayer money in financial institutions, the United States has followed suit with a US$125 billion partial acquisition of nine major American banks. So much, […]

China Increases Refinancing Threshold


Oct. 10 – China’s securities regulator said publicly-traded companies will now be required to pay dividends in cash instead of stock, three years before filing their refinancing applications. The regulation should improve long-term investment and aid market volatility. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said: “The listed firms, if applying for refinancing, must pay dividends […]

China’s Securities Commission Orders Audit of All Foreign Financial Institutions


BEIJING, Oct. 10 – The China Securities Regulatory Commission has requested unofficial “audits” of all foreign financial institutions operating in the country, amid concerns that an overseas bank failure could lead to the global credit crisis spilling over the mainland. The decision also includes Hong Kong banks as well as international entities. CSRC has ordered […]

All Foreign-Funded Companies in China to be Unionized by 2009


Oct. 8 – According to an official from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), ninety percent of foreign-funded companies in China will be unionized by the end of this year; eventually all foreign-funded companies will have trade unions by 2009. Wang Ying, a division chief of the grassroots organizations and capacity for ACFTU told […]

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