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New Regulation for Company Chops in Shenzhen


SHENZHEN, Mar. 11 – For companies in Shenzhen that are looking to change or report the loss of their company chop, legal representatives are now required to appear and file the application in person. In the past, this could be done through power of attorney. Prior to notifying authorities about the loss of the documents […]

Tax Regulations for Non-Resident Enterprises


Mar. 3 – The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has issued the tax regulations for non-resident enterprises that do business and have establishments or places of business in China. Tax registration and filing for non-resident enterprises in China is set to begin from March 1, 2009 while 2008 corporate income tax filing should be done […]

Jiangsu Province Stricter with FIE Registration


Feb. 27 – The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) of Jiangsu Province is becoming stricter  on rules regarding new foreign invested enterprises (FIE) to prevent abuse. In the past, local companies and individuals have been caught setting up offshore companies and using it to incorporate in China and take advantage of the benefits offered […]

Downsizing or Liquidating a China Business


Feb. 11 – While the current global economic problems continue to wreak havoc, particularly among businesses in China who are solely export focused, it is prudent for executives facing difficult decisions in China to be aware of their responsibilities when faced with tough decisions. The Chinese government has already stated that it intends to seek […]

Revision on Technology Import Procedures Announced


Feb. 6 – China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has announced a new revision on the Administration of Technology Prohibited or Restricted from Import Procedures. Under the revised procedures, investigate privileges for import applications will be shifted from the MOC to the provincial and municipal commercial administration departments. The Technology Prohibited and Restricted from Import by […]

Beijing Lifts Restrictions for Foreigners Buying Real Estate


Jan. 26 – The Beijing government has lifted restrictions on foreigners wanting to purchase real estate in an effort to lift the slumping property market. For this year, the residency requirement and house type limits that applies for foreign expatriates have been removed. Previously, only expatriates that have resided in the capital for more than […]

Salary Reduction Under China’s Labor Law


By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Jan. 23 – With many businesses facing economic problems, the legal focus of business in China is shifting to an understanding of the implications of the new labor law, and specifically, its provisions for the reduction of staff salaries. The Labor Law is not specific on the reductions of salaries due to […]

China Releases New Business Tax Rule for Service Contracts


By Sabrina Zhang Jan. 22 – China’s State Administration of Tax (SAT) has passed a surprise amendment concerning the calculation of Business Tax (BT) effective January 1st. The new rule changes the BT levying principle and affects all overseas companies contracting labor and services to other companies or people based in China. The former BT […]

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