How Technology is Impacting UK-China Business Ties Under COVID-19


In light of the disruption caused by COVID-19, we explore the issues facing the UK-China tech relationship going forward.

China After COVID-19: How Foreign Companies Can Leverage Key IT Solutions


Our experts discuss the best IT solutions in China businesses can leverage to digitize and optimize work processes as COVID-19 introduces a new urgency.

Foreign Investment into China Rose 6% in 2019, High Tech Industries Surged Ahead


In his latest op-ed, Chris Devonshire-Ellis explains why FDI into China grew in 2019, despite fears over spillover effects from the US-China trade war.

Cloud Technology in China: What Businesses Need to Know


China’s cloud technology industry is expected to grow to US$103 billion by 2020 as companies continue to digitize their business data and internal systems. The growing demand for cloud technology has led to both domestic and foreign IT companies rolling out new cloud services for Chinese consumers and businesses.

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