China Tightens Control Over Management of Rare Earths


China is tightening its scrutiny and control of the entire chain management of rare earths, from local mining related activities to import/exports.

China’s Industrial Standards for the Internet of Things: What the Draft Guidelines Say


China is developing a basic standard system for the Internet of Things and recently closed public consultations on its draft guidelines on five major industrial standards.

E-Invoice Management in China: How Companies Can Stay Compliant


We discuss how China businesses can stay compliant while bookkeeping and archiving e-fapiao for reimbursement and avoid triggering additional tax costs or penalties.

Employers in China Should Prepare for Compliance Expectations Under Draft PIPL


Learn about the core requirements for employers in China under the Draft Personal Information Protection Law.

E-commerce Platform Operators’ Liabilities in China on Food Safety: SPC Interpretation


E-commerce operators in China shall be held legally responsible for the safety of food products purchased on their platforms.

Business Opportunities for German Investors in China


We discuss expanding business opportunities for German companies in China after new policies promote key industrial incentives and market openings.

A New China for 2021: Foreign Investor Friendly Access, Overseas Direct Investment in Hi-Tech Projects and M&A, and More Belt & Road Initiative Opportunities


Going into 2021, foreign investors should note China’s improved market access and key reforms, not to mention creation of opportunities along the BRI.

China’s Personal Information Protection Law: Compliance Considerations from an IT Perspective


We discuss how businesses can prepare ahead to ensure data privacy compliance once the law is effective.

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