Understanding China’s New Regulations on Generative AI


China is seeking to regulate generative AI alongside substantial policy support to foster an enabling environment for AI sector innovation.

Establishing an Online Presence in China – Webinar


Join our webinar on June 28 for help navigating China’s data and privacy regulations and tips on establishing an online presence in China.

US-China Relations in the Biden Era: A Timeline


Timeline tracking key developments affecting US-China bilateral trade and business engagement under the Joe Biden administration.

E-Invoicing in China 2023: Expansion of the Fully Digitalized E-Fapiao Program (Updated)


We discuss the expansion of e-invoicing in China as the digital e-fapiao program widens its pilot roll-out with unique features.

China’s Draft Certification Standards for Cross-Border Personal Information Transfer (Updated)


China’s standards committee has begun soliciting feedback on standards for third-party agencies to certify companies for personal information export.

Standard Contract Measures for Personal Information Export to Come into Force June 1


The CAC has adopted measures for the streamlined “Standard Contract” procedure for exporting personal information. Here’s how it works.

The ChatGPT Gold Rush: Everything You Need to Know


Chinese brands are looking at ChatGPT and creative applications of AI-based chatbots.

China has a New Plan to Strengthen its Data Economy


A new set of guidelines provides details on building basic data systems in China. We explain their significance for foreign investment.

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