China’s Cybersecurity Regulator Moves to Ease Cross-Border Data Transfer Rules


A new set of draft regulations seeking to ease China’s cross-border data transfer rules could greatly facilitate data export for foreign companies and multinationals.

China Releases Three-Year Action Plan for Metaverse Industry Development


China unveiled a new metaverse action plan aimed at boosting economic growth, job creation, and innovation through intelligence technologies. We’ll explore the plan’s key points and its potential impact on China’s economy and businesses.

Hong Kong’s Data Center Sector: Industry and Regulatory Landscape


Hong Kong’s thriving data center market offers myriad opportunities for investors looking to tap into the rising demand.

Empowering Your China Business with Successful ERP Implementation – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine


ERP systems are gaining traction among international companies seeking to expand their presence in China or diversify their supply chains. Download our latest China Briefing magazine to learn more.

China to Require Regular Compliance Audits for Personal Information Protection


New draft rules require companies to undergo regular audits to ensure compliance with the China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL).

Beyond a Mega City: Investing in China’s Mega City Clusters – New Dezan Shira & Associates Publication


We take a close look at the investment opportunities and business incentives offered by China’s most investor-friendly mega city clusters – the YRD, the GBA, the Jing-Jin-Ji region, and the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Circle.

China Signals Support for Platform Companies Amid Easing ‘Tech Crackdown’


China’s technology sector witnessed a sudden increase in regulatory scrutiny, resulting in major fines, antitrust penalties, and need for restructuring in the last 3 years. However, the ‘tech crackdown’ may well be in sight with the government showing open support for platform companies at all levels.

How to Interpret China’s First Effort to Regulate Generative AI Measures


By creating a secure and conducive operational environment, China aims to foster innovation and responsible use of generative AI in various sectors. We discuss pertinent new regulation and its impact on the tech market.

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