UPDATE: Finalized China Data Protection Measures for Industrial and Telecom Companies Released


China’s MIIT released the final version of the Measures for Data Security Management in the Field of Industry and Information Technology after two rounds of public comments. The document will come into force on January 1, 2023.

China to Regulate Deep Synthesis (Deepfake) Technology Starting 2023


China’s regulation of deep synthesis (deepfake) technology and services comes in effect January 10, 2023. We discuss the impact for business.

Building China’s Virtual World – The New Action Plan for Metaverse Technology


A new action plan proposes measures for developing virtual reality in China in the latest sign the government is serious about the metaverse.

China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch (Updated)


Chinese tech companies are hopping on the metaverse trend – but how much potential is there? Here’s what to watch in the metaverse in China.

AI in China: Regulations, Market Opportunities, Challenges for Investors


We discuss the evolution of AI in China, including market expansion and tech innovation, incentives, and challenges for foreign stakeholders.

China Releases First Guidelines for Cross-Border Data Transfer Application


A new set of guidelines provide details on applying for China data export. We explain the procedures and documentation required.

China’s SaaS Market is Booming: Why Foreign Investors Should Pay Attention (Updated)


China’s software as a service (SaaS) market is among the fastest growing worldwide. We discuss market prospects for foreign businesses.

China Launches Digital Yuan App – All You Need to Know


The digital yuan app is now available for download in select cities in China. We explain how it works, who can use it to pay with e-CNY, and much more.

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