China Adopts New Regulations to Facilitate Cross-Border Data Flows 


Nre regulations from China’s cybersecurity regulator significantly facilitate cross-border data transfer processes for foreign companies by lowering compliance burdens.

How to Conduct a Personal Information Protection Impact Assessment in China


Companies in China must conduct a personal information protection impact assessment to handle certain types of data and carry out certain transactions.

Navigating the Impact of OpenAI’s Sora on China’s AI Industry


Sora, OpenAI’s groundbreaking text-to-video model, has sparked both excitement and caution in China’s tech industry.

How to Legally Handle Sensitive Personal Information in China


Companies collecting, processing, and transferring sensitive personal information in China must comply with strict requirements for user consent and data protection.

Shanghai’s Lingang New Area to Trial Measures to Facilitate Cross-Border Data Transfer


Lingang New Area in Shanghai will trial measures to facilitate data export, improving the business environment for companies in the area.

New Standard Contract Guidelines Streamline Cross-Border Personal Information Transfer in the GBA


New guidelines allow companies to sign standard contracts to transfer personal information between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

How to Ensure Successful ERP Implementation in China?


Successful ERP implementation hinges on cultivating precise expectations, a profound grasp of business essentials, and a meticulous plan, while enlisting a capable implementer and employing shrewd end-user strategies to unleash the system’s transformative power.

PIPL 2023/24: Cross-Border Data Transfer in China Handbook – New Publication Out Now


This handbook helps explain the key facets of China’s CBDT regime from a business perspective, highlights recent trends and expected developments, and offers practical steps for businesses to consider when planning their compliance approach.

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