China’s Cloud Computing Market: Developments and Opportunities for Foreign Players


China’s cloud computing market is the fastest-growing in the world. We discuss how the industry is developing and the opportunities available for foreign businesses.

IT Compliance for Companies in China – Note Key Regulations to Build Up Efficiencies and Secure Your Brand


Companies are advised to assess their compliance with technology and data security laws in China to continue operations in this market.

China Eases its Crackdown on the Technology Sector: Recent Developments


Is China’s technology sector out of the regulatory woods? We look at the signs and discuss the outcomes of recent meetings and language spoken by policymakers.

GDPR Versus PIPL – Key Differences and Implications for Compliance in China


How different are Chinese and European data regulations? We compare the requirements under the PIPL vs GDPR and discuss steps for companies to be compliant.

New Specifications for Cross-Border Processing of Personal Information for MNCs


We discuss the requirements for MNCs in China to engage in cross-border personal information processing.

China Further Increased Tax Support for R&D Investments in 2022


China further increased its tax support for R&D investments in 2022, expanding super deduction on R&D expenditure to TSMEs. in an effort to encourage innovation, promote industrial upgrade, and strengthen the core competitiveness of the country.

China’s Internet of Vehicles – New Guidelines Set Framework for Industry Standards


China’s IoV industry will soon be subject to more data and cybersecurity standards. We examine the types of standards and technical requirements.

How to Sign an Electronic Labor Contract in China: Your Step-by-Step Guide


We explain some of the key steps and legal and technical security considerations for employers in China when executing their electronic labor contracts.

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