How Does China View NFTs and What Are its Market Prospects?


While China is cautious about the financialization of NFTs and crypto is a no-go area, market prospects abound with the participation of leading tech players and credible platforms.

A Close Reading of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025


We discuss the contents of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025, which calls for regulated and inclusive fintech expansion.

A Close Reading of China’s New Cybersecurity Review Measures, in Effect Feb 15, 2022


We explain the changes to China’s Cybersecurity Review Measures, identify who will be impacted, and the government’s risk assessment criteria.

China’s Sweeping Recommendation Algorithm Regulations in Effect from March 1


China’s internet watchdog has released a new set of draft regulations for recommendation algorithms. What do they say and who could be affected?

China Cybersecurity Regulations – What do the New Draft Regulations Say?


A new draft regulation strengthens China’s cybersecurity and data protection framework. We look at what the document says.

The Chinese Tech Whitelist – Is China Trying to Replace Foreign Technology?


A Bloomberg report says China is formulating a Chinese tech whitelist to replace foreign tech, which China denies. We discuss what we know so far.

Q&A: How to Understand the Implementation of the PIPL in China?


We address frequently asked questions on the Personal Information Protection Law and compliance tips for companies doing business in and with China.

China’s Autonomous Driving Industry – An Introduction for Foreign Investors


China’s self-driving car industry has entered the fast lane. We explore how foreign investors can tap into the future of mobility.

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