Q&A: How to Understand the Implementation of the PIPL in China?


We address frequently asked questions on the Personal Information Protection Law and compliance tips for companies doing business in and with China.

China’s Autonomous Driving Industry – An Introduction for Foreign Investors


China’s self-driving car industry has entered the fast lane. We explore how foreign investors can tap into the future of mobility.

PIPL China: Suggestions for Technical Compliance with Personal Information Protection Law


Technical suggestions to build a robust IT system, be PIPL compliant, and stay on top of risk assessment mechanisms.

The Personal Information Protection Law in China: A Legal Analysis


We explain some of the finer legal points of the new Personal Information Protection Law in China, including ways enterprises can prepare to be compliant.

Guangdong’s Pilot Program on Chief Data Officer: Accelerating Digitalization and Achieving Better Data Protection


We take Shenzhen’s example to demonstrate the role of the Chief Data Officer and service opportunities for businesses.

Critical Information Infrastructure in China – New Cybersecurity Regulations


We look at which companies will be affected by the regulations, new compliance obligations, and opportunities in the cybersecurity space. 

China’s Personal Information Protection Law: A Comparison of the First Draft, the Second Draft, and the Final Document


In addition to the full translation, we prepared the comparison between the first draft, the second draft, and the final document of the PIPL.

The PRC Personal Information Protection Law (Final): A Full Translation


The China Briefing team has produced a quick English translation of the PRC Personal Information Protection Law for your reference.

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