Digital Expense Management in China: How Big of a Deal is it?


We analyze why transitioning to a digital expense management system can be cost effective for your business in China and assess the best options available.

Personal Data Regulation in China: Personal Information Protection Law, Other Rules Amended


Internet businesses and companies processing personal data in China are advised to track latest regulatory developments supporting data security to remain compliant.

Leveraging Technology to Improve HR and Payroll Management


We explain how HR and payroll system apps in China address longstanding challenges and how to make important app selections to match operational needs.

Challenges of Traditional HR and Payroll Management in Post-COVID Era


We spotlight some of the challenges associated with traditional processes of human resource management in China, in the context of a post-pandemic world.

Setting Up Your China Back Office: Cyber Security, Compliance Solutions


Solutions to achieve cyber security and compliance for foreign firms with back office operations in China and ways to strengthen IT support on the ground.

Key IT Considerations and Solutions for Your Back Office Automation in China – Part 1


We discuss major considerations when planning back office automation in China, such as managing local information resource gaps and operational stability.

Beijing’s E-Town Rolls Out Favorable Policies to Boost High-Tech Development


‘Beijing E-Town’ recently rolled out a package of preferential policies to boost the high-end industries in its pilot free trade zone.

Why it is Essential for Technology to Power Your Company’s Accounting


Technology-powered tools are increasingly empowering business accounting processes as finance and accounting technology is no longer a costly investment.

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