The Top Ten 2019 Business Websites About China as Read by Foreign Investors in China

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Op/Ed by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

China’s Best Business Blogs and Websites – Identified by Their Alexa Rankings and Keywords

The number of China-focused, English language business blogs and websites has fallen off considerably over the past few years, mainly because not many had much staying power, let alone the time and financial investment required to maintain them and keep them current and relevant. Many authors have left China, their commitment to writing about it either fleeting or unsustainable. A few hardy survivors remain, however. But how relevant are they? Which are the best? And which are the pretenders?

We have run a series of articles each year for the past few years on who has the best material out there. You can see the results for each previous year as follows:

Determining China Blog and Website Ranking and Quality Criteria
In other years, we have used Amazon’s Alexa facility to determine the popularity of blogs and websites. However, in order to drill down even more, this year we have added an extra caveat – the use of keywords and the percentage of those contributing to a particular website. This has real quality value as a wide variety of good business keywords with low percentages means a website has quality content and lots of it. If that isn’t the case, it means that either the content isn’t very good, or systematic ranking manipulation has been taking place.

These are the results this year:

China Briefing
Alexa Ranking: 108,527
Top Three Keywords: Company Chop (2.79%), US China Trade War (2.21%), Made in China 2025 (1.44%)
Over the last 20 years, we have worked hard to grow our website into a reliable and relevant resource for businesses in China. As the stats show, we’ve regained pole position after three years.
Alexa Ranking: 120,377
Top Three Keywords: Love and Producer (3%), Zhou Qi (2.97%), Saturday Night Live (2.32%)
Sup China is a popular platform and the focus of its content is cultural news rather than business developments. The website gets good rankings.
Marketing to China
Alexa Ranking: 204,622
Top Three Keywords: Social Media Apps (1.69%), French Luxury Brands (1.68%), Gentlemen Marketing (1.65%)
The website to view with an angle on selling to China.
China Internet Watch
Alexa Ranking: 245,451
Top Three Keywords: Tabao (23.37%), Jingdong (5.2%), Tmall (4.06%)
A well focused website as the keywords illustrate. Down from first position last year, and a valuable resource for examining the China internet and its consumers.
Quality Inspection
Alexa Ranking: 288,476
Top Three Keywords: AQL (7.38%), T/T (5.55%), AQL Table (3.35%)
China’s best technical blog for QC engineers getting deserved high marks.
China Check Up
Alexa Ranking: 331,048
Top Three Keywords: Aliexpress (8.57%) China Company Check (2.91%), DHgate (2.22%)
Good all-round due diligence resource, gained in popularity the past year.
China File
Alexa Ranking: 345,863
Top Three Keywords: David Moser (2.6%) How Many People..(2.41%), Why Did George H. W…(1.46%)
A news platform run similar to that of Quora, though business content is now less frequent.
China Law Blog
Alexa Ranking: 466,011
Top Three Keywords: China Self Driving Cars (30.99%), China Movie Stars Pay (15.04%), Uncle Martian (1%)
The keywords seriously don’t match the content, suggesting something is very amiss with the folk over at China Law Blog. Somewhat hysterical US-China trade posts probably haven’t helped much recently, neither has a diminishing presence in China and huge client exposure to the US-China trade war. Losing the influence it once had. If the US-China trade war doesn’t end soon, it could be terminal.
China Business Review
Alexa Ranking: 609,540
Top Three Keywords: US Exports to China (3.63%), What Does The US Expect From China (2.95%) Corporate Consulting (2.08%)
Another long standing blog, with oft-useful advise. Perhaps a bit self promotional at times but nonetheless well written.
Alexa Ranking: 733,809
Top Three Keywords: Bill Bishop, (52.48%) Sinocism (12.22%), Bill Bishop China (7.78%)
This is now behind a paywall and losing market. However, is still a quality website.

Honorary Mention:

Silk Road Briefing
Alexa Ranking: 915,003
Top Three Keywords: Sri Lanka Belt and Road (5.33%), New Development Bank (4.77%), Caspian Pacific Tax (3.04%)
A relatively new player, but China related and the only major site dealing with the Belt and Road Initiative. Has broken into the top one million sites globally this past year. We predict a continued rise if content can be maintained.

There are over 1.94 billion websites globally, meaning that for any site to reach rankings in the top million is quite an achievement. All of the above sites do, and respect must be given to each of them for achieving this. Some need to rethink their strategies, others perhaps need to widen their topic horizons. Aggregators need to reach out for newer China content.

But congratulations to all those who made it! Will any of the above websites break into the global 100,000 next year? We’ll wait and see…

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