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    Hong Kong Account Holders: Prepare for AEOI Reporting

    Hong Kong account holders – both individuals and entities – must prepare to report their tax information to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) by May 2018 for exchange with partner countries.

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    Hong Kong’s New Transfer Pricing Regime

    Hong Kong’s new Amendment Bill represents a crucial step in the development of Hong Kong’s transfer pricing regulatory and enforcement regime. Here, we look at the key elements of Hong Kong’s new transfer pricing regime.

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    Hong Kong BEPS Bill: New Transfer Pricing Regime to Regulate Documentation

    Hong Kong has brought forward a new BEPS bill that introduces a transfer pricing regulatory regime and mandatory transfer pricing documentation requirement as well as a variety of other anti-BEPS changes. The bill, which is more comprehensive than expected, marks a significant step up in Hong Kong’s transfer pricing enforcement regime.

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    Foreign Investment in Guangdong: New Incentives Announced

    Guangdong province, China’s manufacturing heartland, has announced new measures to attract foreign investment. In this article, we look at the new incentives available in Guangdong for foreign investors.

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    Incentives in Shenzhen for Attracting Foreign Talent

    This year, regulations have been amended and policies have been promulgated to incentivize living and working in Shenzhen. In this article, we detail three recent government initiatives that provide opportunities for foreign talent.

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    Foshan’s Changing Economy: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

    Foshan’s GDP reached US$123 billion and attracted US$2.4 billion in foreign direct investment in 2015, mostly into manufacture of machinery and equipment. Here, we look at how Foshan’s economy is changing and what opportunities are in store for foreign investors.

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    The Nansha New Area Explained – Guangdong Free Trade Zone

    In this article, we look at some of the features outlining the Nansha New Area including a basic overview, major services served and catered to within the development zone, and finally, the objectives and mandates the Nansha New Area intends to accomplish.

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    Zhongshan: China’s Upgrading Manufacturing Base

    In this article, we explore the investment opportunities offered by the city of Zhongshan located in China’s Guangdong province. Given its geographic advantage, the city serves as an international trading hub and one of the biggest manufacturing bases in China.

Showing 8 of 297 articles