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In China, heritage and culture go under the wrecking ball


China’s rise has brought destruction to wide swaths of cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Hutongs that have stood for hundreds of years are being brought down, brick by brick to make way for the new and shiny. The construction bonanza has not been without it critics, and every time another hutong or old neighborhood finds […]

Made in China


The eminently readable James Fallows has an excellent piece on manufacturing in China in the upcoming issue of The Atlantic. When not judging beer in Shanghai, Fallows apparently spends a lot of time eating breakfast at the Four Points hotel in Shenzhen. In The Atlantic July/August cover story, he takes a look inside China’s manufacturing world and comes out […]

Islamic finance and China


China has become the world’s fastest growing energy consumer in the world. As the country develops, and the need for energy – specifically oil – grows, China wiill look to deepen strategic relationships with oil rich Gulf states. A result of that will be the opening of China’s banking sector to Middle East investors who follow Islamic […]

Event: China’s new corporate income tax law


On Thursday, June 21 China Briefing will present a free seminar on the new corporate income tax law in Shanghai. The details are as follows: China’s Unified Corporate Income Tax Legislation: The Implications of the New Tax Law Dezan Shira & Associates, Shanghai office in cooperation with The Executive Centre Date: June 21, 7pm-9pm Venue: The Executive Centre, 989 Changle Lu, […]

Council on Foreign Relations releases report on U.S. presidential candidates’ China policy


For those following the presidential primary campaigns in the United States, the Council on  Foreign Relations has released a policy guide to the candidates’ views on China. From the report: China’s rise and its effects on the United States is a growing preoccupation of U.S. policymakers and politicians. With China’s economy booming, its military prowess […]

Seeing green on China’s lakes and rivers


The water from tap water supply companies in east China’s Wuxi city became normal Sunday afternoon, ending a water crisis caused by the bloom of blue-green algae which polluted the city’s water source.  Tap water supply for the city began to be halted on May 22, when its major source -Taihu Lake, started to stink […]

In China it’s environment vs. economic growth, and guess who’s winning…


With China slated to pass the United States to become the world’s number one producer of greenhouse gasses by 2010, the Chinese leadership in Beijing has made moves to curb emissions and institute more stringent environmental policies. But the balance between protecting the environment and maintaining the break-away growth has not been easy to achieve […]

Lenovo moves into China’s hinterland and invests in the country’s sixth-tier


Below is an excerpt from an article that ran in China Daily today on Lenovo’s plans to expand into China’s fourth- to sixth-tier cities: Lenovo will expand its presence in rural China to maintain its competitive edge, according to one of the computer giant’s top managers. “China’s fourth- to sixth-tier cities will become our major growth […]

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