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China Resumes 144-hour Visa-Free Transit Policy for Foreigners – Who Can Apply?


We explain who is eligible to enter China under the 144-hour visa-free transit policy and where you can travel on the entry permit.

Childcare Leave in China (Last Updated on March 24, 2023)


This article offers an overview of childcare leave policy in China, summarizes its recent developments in China’s different regions, and explains how childcare leave will be implemented in practice.

China Releases Reference Texts for Better Protection of Female Employees


Six government departments released two new documents for the protection of female employees in the workplace, aiming at improving special labor protection for female employees in the workplace.

China Takes Steps to Empower Women: Latest Developments in Women’s Protection Law


As we mark Women’s Day worldwide, we look at China’s progress in safeguarding women’s rights.

Mainland China to Fully Resume Travel with Hong Kong and Macao


China is to fully resume travel with Hong Kong and Macao starting February 6, 2023. We look at the supporting measures.

China to Extend Preferential Individual Income Tax Policies


China has announced the extension of several preferential individual income tax policies for resident taxpayers to boost capital market liberalization and corporate innovation.

Chinese New Year 2023 – Travel, Consumption, and Post-COVID Recovery


Chinese New Year 2023 will be the first time in three years many people can travel, but will the lifting of COVID restrictions really bring a rebound in travel and consumption?

How Will the Downgrade of COVID-19 to a Class B Infection Affect Companies’ Employee Management?


Companies need to update their employee management protocols to cope with the new COVID-19 management rules.

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