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China’s IIT Preferential Policy for Expatriates Extended to End of 2027: Key Points


China has extended individual income tax benefits for foreigners, such as on rental and education expenses, till the end of 2023.

China’s IIT Special Additional Deductions: An Explainer


China has implemented special additional deductions under the new IIT Law since 2019, and now it decided to raise the deduction standards on expenses for raising and educating kid and supporting elderly.

Shifting Attitudes and Expectations for Work in China’s Post-Pandemic Era


We discuss how companies can navigate changes in the Chinese work culture and employee expectations in the aftermath of COVID-19.

China Removes All Pre-Entry COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Inbound Travelers


China has announced the removal of all pre-entry COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers entering the country, effective August 30, 2023. The decision is hoped to boost China-bound tourism and movement of inbound foreign investment.

China Extends the GBA IIT Subsidy to the End of 2027


China has extended the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA IIT subsidy program until December 2027. We discuss how the program works and the application process.

China Extends the Preferential Tax Treatment for Annual One-Time Bonus to the End of 2027


China will extend preferential tax treatment for the annual one-time bonus until the end of 2027; it was set to expire by the end of 2023. We answer FAQs.

China Annual (One-Off) Bonus: What is the Income Tax Policy Change?


We explain the preferential income tax treatment on annual bonus for some tax residents in China (including expatriate staff) – now extended to end of 2027.

China’s Average Wages – Trends and Implications for Businesses


Average salaries in China have more than doubled over the last decade, but the stats vary greatly from industry to industry, and the gap between private and non-private sector pay is widening.

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