This guide provides vital economic, geographic, and regulatory insights and guidance that business investors, managers, or expats need to understand Hong Kong, and chart their path to a healthy business. Find spotlight and explainer articles, news updates and factsheets, useful tools, as well as webinars and videos featuring on-the-ground advisors that contribute to the Doing Business in Hong Kong knowledge.

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Why Invest in Hong Kong

Investing in Hong Kong offers access to a dynamic financial hub with a well-established legal system, making it an attractive gateway to the vast Chinese market and a strategic location for international business expansion.

Setting up and Operating in Hong Kong

Setting up and operating in Hong Kong requires a vigilant understanding of its dynamic business landscape - with its open but regulated and process-oriented environment. Stay up-to-date on the best way to set up and structure your business, optimize taxes, as well as information about hiring, HR and payroll.

Setting Up a Business in Hong Kong

Learn about the advantages of setting up a business in Hong Kong, from the strategic location to low taxes and solid legal framework. And find out about how to choose the suitable corporate structure in Hong Kong for your businesses.

Taxation & Accounting in Hong Kong

Discover accounting and audit compliance in Hong Kong's tax requirements for businesses and tax-paying Individuals, transfer pricing rules, and various links to helpful resources for managing your business in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Payroll and Human Resources

Learn about Hong Kong's HR and Payroll from labor laws to hiring and terminating employees. Discover our comprehensive overview of how entities in Hong Kong should manage their employees.

More Guidance and Resources

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Insights from On-the-Ground Contributors

  • Hong Kong has long held a reputation as a popular “gateway” to invest in China. Its geographical proximity to the mainland, DTA network, modern banking system and transparent legal regime have made it an ideal location for foreign businesses. However, companies will quickly discover that the rules of doing business in the mainland simply do not apply in Hong Kong, and vice versa - making it important to understand the nuances of doing business here.
    Alberto Vettoretti Managing Partner Hong Kong SAR Office
  • Leveraging Hong Kong's role in Asian economy will provide investors with numerous opportunities for growth. Understanding the intricacies of operating a business in Hong Kong is the key to success in this market. Foreign investors should pay close attention to the developments in Hong Kong - including regulatory changes, tax reforms, and proposed incentives – to stay up to date with market practices, as well as legal and regulatory compliances.
    Gigi Wong Manager Hong Kong SAR Office
  • Investing in Hong Kong not only grants access to a skilled and highly educated workforce but it’s low and simple tax regime, along with its robust intellectual property protections, fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. It's an ideal destination for businesses looking to optimize their tax structure and protect their intellectual assets while expanding in Asia.
    Jennifer Lu Director Hong Kong SAR Office
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